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Become a Solarwinds IPAM Pro in 4 Weeks

Become a solarwinds IPAM (IP Address Manager) specialist in 4 weeks by learning from mentor with experience in handling production environments of Fortune 500 companies.

Devraj S



Mentored Professionals From Brands

More than 200 professionals from varied background as IT managers, Network engineers, System Administrators, Storage Administrators, Application Administrators and support from top companies have accessed my content.

Managed Solarwinds Infrastructure for Fortune 500 Companies for over 10+ years. I have Planned, Migrated, Supported, Handled, Upgraded and Implemented Solarwinds platform solutions for large organizations as clients. 

12+ Hours

Training Sessions


Live Sessions


Practical Assignment


Bonus Content

Who is this program for?

Network Administrators

who want to improve network availability and gain knowledge of monitoring network devices. 

System Administrators

who want to improve system availability and gain knowledge of monitoring of windows & linux system. 

Students or Fresh Graduates

who want to pursue a lucrative career in observability or monitoring and just started. 

Monitoring Engineers

who already know the concept of monitoring and want to learn the intricate aspects of the solarwinds platform.  

Production Support

who wants to improve application availability and gain knowledge on solarwinds platform. 

Tool Experts

who have worked on other monitoring platforms and transitioning to solarwinds for better opportunity or work requirements. 

What will you learn?

Installation and Deployment of Solarwinds IPAM

Orion Platform and solarwinds IPAM (IP Address Manager)

  1. Orion Platform Architecture

    • Application server requirements​

    • SQL server requirements

    • Small, Medium and Large scale deployments

    • Scalability engines
    • Product licensing and support

    • Compatibility check of various versions with server and database

    • Best practices for implementing or designing solarwinds HA

  2. Installation of Product

    • Product installation step by step (Practical).

    • Orion Configuration Wizard with (Practical).

Solarwinds Orion IPAM Administration Part - 1

Solarwinds orion IPAM administration with core components overview

Concepts you will be learning

  • Orion Network Sonar Discovery

  • Orion Nodes addition using Basic polling Methods
    • ICMP Protocol

    • SNMP Protocol

    • WMI Protocol

    • Solarwinds agent for windows and linux servers

  • User Accounts

  • Custom Properties

  • Orion Groups

  • Orion Dependencies

  • Orion core services and dependencies

  • IPAM Polling settings and data retention

  • Syslogs and SNMP Traps

Lab practicals you will be doing

  • Addition of node in orion

  • Addition of user in orion

  • Create new custom properties and values

  • Create new groups

  • Create new parent and child relationship

  • Create a syslog alert

  • Create a Trap alert

Solarwinds Orion IPAM Administration Part - 2

Solarwinds orion IPAM administration with core components overview

Concepts you will be learning

  • Perfstack- Performance Analyzer

  • Appstack - Environment Dashboard

  • Menu bars: My Orion Deployment, Events, Message center

  • Orion alerting overview : Web-based alert engine

  • Orion reporting overview : Web-based report engine

  • Orion Maps and Worldwide Map Resource

  • Orion health check with polling rate, database sync details, database maintenance logs etc.

  • Orion View Management 

    • Custom View Creation

    • NOC View Designs

    • Modern dashboards

    • Dashboard menu

Lab practicals you will be doing

  • Design a perfstack dashboard

  • Create a new alert

  • Create a trigger action email

  • Create a new report

  • Schedule a report

  • Create an orion map

  • Create a normal view and NOC view

  • Create a modern Dashboard

  • Map different objects in a worldwide map

Solarwinds IP Address Manager Features

Solarwinds IPAM features overview

Concepts you will be learning

  • IPAM Overview 

  • IPAM User Permissions

  • Importing Subnets and IP Addresses

  • IP Address subnet scan and settings

  • DHCP Management

  • DNS Management

  • Custom SWQL Alerts and Reports

    • Introduction to the SWQL language and basic queries

    • Introduction to the Orion SWQL schema

    • SWQL Reporting using the Web Report Engine

    • SQL Alerts using the Web Alert Engine

Lab practicals you will be doing

  • Create SWQL based alert

  • Create SWQL based report

  • Change polling settings

  • Change data retention

Why join the personalised IPAM training with Devraj?

Get your dream job or learn intricate aspects of solarwinds platform faster

Instructor-led training sessions

Learn best practices followed across production environments of fortune 500 companies

Get the offer while it lasts!

  • Enroll now and get bonuses worth ₹12,000 free. There was never a better time to grab this course.

  • Enjoy the discounted price of ₹11999 and save a total of ₹3000.

  • The launch offer expires October 19, 2022

  • Introduction to Solarwinds

  • Checklist for application monitoring using SAM templates

  • Access to curated solarwinds knowledge documents

  • Doubts cleared at the end of training session.

  • Action email templates - Rs 3000

  • My essential alert report template - Rs 3000

  • Uptime & availability report template - Rs 3000

  • My Dashboard on nodes with polling issues -            Rs2000

Note: No exceptions would be made beyond the offer expiry date. The prices would go up and no free bonuses

Get the offer while it lasts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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