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Solarwinds platform products 2022.3 RC: Features, improvements, and EOS details

On 27th July 2022, Solarwinds released a new version for orion platform products ranging from network management to systems management. You can download these updated products from customer portal in case you have subscription available.

As per solarwinds 2022.3 release notes, the Following is the summary of improvements and new features in different modules.

  • Solarwinds Orion platform: New release is based on the new solarwinds platform accelerated by solarwinds secure by design initiatives. It's a significant update and consolidation of how solarwinds products are securely built and packaged.

  • Network Performance Monitor: Expanded Cisco Meraki™ SD-WAN support.

  • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer: Improved Cisco Meraki SD-WAN support, improved Class-Based Quality of Service support, and added automatic application classification of network flows.

  • Network Configuration Manager: New modern dashboard.

  • Storage Resource Monitor: Support for HPE® Primera.

  • You can now poll-supported devices using SNMPv3 SHA256/512.

  • This new version includes dozens of bug fixes and security improvements in most of the modules, Review individual release notes of products for more information.

In addition to improvements and new features solarwinds has also announced the end of support for platform features provided below.

  • Remote Office Poller (ROP) - Remote Office Pollers are no longer sold.

  • SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 - SolarWinds Platform only supports SQL Server 2016 SP1 and later.

  • SQL Server Express - Express editions of supported SQL Server versions are not supported for production environments. You can use SQL Express only for evaluation purposes.

  • Syslog Viewer - the stand-alone Syslog Viewer is no longer available on the SolarWinds Platform server. Use the Orion Log Viewer for Syslog in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

  • SNMP Trap Viewer - the stand-alone SNMP Trap Viewer is no longer available on the SolarWinds Platform server. Use the Orion Log Viewer for traps in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

  • Legacy Orion Report Writer: Report Writer and tools related to legacy reports were removed in SolarWinds Platform 2022.2 and are no longer available in the 2022.3 version.

Solarwinds has also given a deprecation notice over the use of windows server 2012 R2. Future versions of Orion platforms will not support the windows operating systems of 2012R2. In case you are still using the windows server 2012 R2, then now is the right time to upgrade to windows server 2016 or latest versions.

We have now updated our training curriculum to cover the latest features and improvements released in platform version 2022.3. Interested to know more, Contact us for a demo now!

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